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ടൈറോൺ വുഡ്‌ലി തന്റെ യു‌എഫ്‌സി റിട്ടേണിന് മുന്നോടിയായി കോനോർ മക്ഗ്രെഗറിനെ ട്രാഷുചെയ്യുന്നു – അടിസ്ഥാനപരമായി സ്പോർട്സ്

ടൈറോൺ വുഡ്‌ലി തന്റെ യു‌എഫ്‌സി റിട്ടേണിന് മുന്നോടിയായി കോനോർ മക്ഗ്രെഗറിനെ ട്രാഷുചെയ്യുന്നു – അടിസ്ഥാനപരമായി സ്പോർട്സ്


Conor McGregor makes the much-anticipated octagon return in UFC 246 against the fan-favorite, Donald Cerrone. This is a gigantic fight considering this will define the future of Conor McGregor in the sport. While a dominant win over Cowboy will allow Conor to challenge the lightweight champion a loss will narrow the options for Conor. That apart there is one more aspect of this fight that is very intriguing. 

Conor is going to fight Cowboy at the welterweight division. Now according to UFC president, Dana White, Conor wants to turn things around quickly after the fight with Cowboy and fight for the title next. Hence he does not want to cut weight for the lightweight twice and decided to fight Cowboy at the welterweight division. Though it makes sense for the UFC president, former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodly has a different opinion.

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Conor vs Cowboy Favors Conor McGregor?

Tyron Woodley suggested that Conor vs Cowboy is made since it favors Conor. In a recent interview with TMZ, Woodley stated:

“Cowboy Cerrone and Conor McGregor is a fight, so Conor McGregor can fight a non-wrestler fighter. And it’s been known that Cowboy Cerrone does not do well with guys great boxing.”

Conor McGregor

Though he does not believe that Cowboy will lose easily to Conor, he does not consider Conor a legit welterweight. Woodley also is not supportive of Conor fighting for the welterweight title or even the BMF title. 

“I don’t think he(Cowboy) is going to get knocked out. But he is a big fight. He is a fan favorite. Win, lose or draw, Cowboy Cerrone can never lose. Has he ever lost? He goes out there fight, gets his eye poked out, they love him no matter what. So this fight makes a ton of sense. These guys are not welterweights. These guys are either undisciplined and they could not hang out at 155. This is a way they can go and fight at 170 where they don’t have to really struggle to make weight. It’s really bullshit.”

Why Conor Moves up to welterweight to fight Donald Cerrone?

Dana White has already made it clear that if Conor wins he is going to get the title shot next. However, if Khabib loses the title against Tony Ferguson then a fight between Conor and Tony will be as big as a rematch between Khabib and Conor. And there lies the opportunity for Conor to challenge the BMF, Jorge Masvidal who is already calling out Conor.

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If Conor gets past Masvidal then he can attempt at the unprecedented glory to become a three-division champion. That apart, the Nate Diaz trilogy fight is also on the table if Conor hangs around at 170. Besides White has already mentioned that Conor wants to replace Tony and Khabib if one of them gets injured again before the title fight in April. 

Things get very intriguing when the biggest attraction in MMA, Conor McGregor gets into the mix. It will be interesting to see how things work out for Conor after UFC 246.