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Pic Talk: നാഗ ശൗര്യയുടെ വൈകാരിക പച്ചകുത്തൽ –

Pic Talk: നാഗ ശൗര്യയുടെ വൈകാരിക പച്ചകുത്തൽ –


Pic Talk: Naga Shaurya's Emotional Tattoo

Inking a tattoo could be an emotion or could be a hobby. Some people ink their own name or the name of their loved ones and some people ink something fresh to put across their sentiments.

Likewise, what young hero Naga Shaurya tattooed on his chest will definitely astound you.

Shaurya inked permanent tattoo of title of his next venture Aswathama on his chest, as he wants the film to be remembered for lifetime.

The story of Aswathama has made such a strong impact on the actor that he is said to have witnessed many changes in his behavior and attitude, ever since he started working for the film.

Besides playing the lead role, as is known, Naga Shaurya also penned the story.

Apparently, the story is very close to his heart. He even underwent complete physical makeover to essay a role that required him to perform some risky stunts.

Meanwhile, a romantic melody Ninne Ninne from the film was released yesterday to optimistic response.

Scheduled for release on January 31st, Aswathama is directed by debutant Ramana Teja.