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Dengue alarm bell at JU

Dengue alarm bell at JU

Water accumulated in the lift shaft of a building under construction at Jadavpur University; Atin Ghosh, mayoral council member, health, with a civic worker who is spraying larvicide on the campus on Saturday. Pictures by Gautam Bose

Jadavpur: A civic team found accumulated water inside a building under construction on the Jadavpur University premises on Saturday.

A pool of water in the lift shaft on the ground floor of the building under construction opposite Triguna Sen auditorium greeted the team led by Atin Ghosh, the mayoral council member, health.

The team found Aedes aegypti – that causes dengue – larvae in the water.

A visibly angry Ghosh told the masons that they should keep the area clean and free of water for their “own good”.

“The mosquitoes that cause dengue and malaria breed in accumulated fresh water,” he told the masons. “The simple thing to do is to ensure water doesn’t accumulate anywhere.”

Ghosh pulled up the civic workers as well. “It is your duty to ensure these places remain clean. If there is need to store water somewhere, pour some diesel or kerosene over it so that it destroys the mosquito larvae in the water.”

When the workers said they had alerted university officials about water accumulating in various places, Ghosh said: “You should wait here till they bring diesel and pour it over the water. There are so many students…you have to be careful.”

A layer of diesel or kerosene on water prevents oxygen from percolating down and so the larvae present in the water get killed, an entomologist said.

A vacant plot behind the university’s central library had garbage and accumulated water.

Garbage was found dumped in the passage between the environmental science building and the physical education department building as well.

Ghosh advised university officials to form a committee with civic officials who can advise them on vector-control measures.

“Calcutta University has formed a committee that has our chief vector control worker as its member. We advise them regularly on vector-control measures that need to be taken on the campus…. Do something similar here,” he told the officials.

At least 20 people, including children of employees, on the university campus were down with dengue last year, an official said.